In case of certain unfavorable visa decision regarding initial visa refusal or visa cancellation, applicant may have right to appeal to review the primary decision in Tribunal. To be able to exercise this right applicant needs to aware of his/her legal right and should act promptly.

We hope that in visa process you end up with visa you wish. However, if that doesn’t happen, we can represent you in tribunal if you are entitled.

Ministerial Intervention

The Minister of Immigration has powers to replace a decision of a merits review tribunal on a person’s case with a decision that is more favourable to that person if the Minister thinks it is in the public interest to do so.
What is and what is not in the public interest is for the Minister to decide. The Minister is not legally bound to intervene or to consider intervening.
When the Minister intervenes to make a more favourable decision, this usually means that the Minister grants a visa. However, only a small number of all requests for ministerial intervention are successful.

The Minister does not have to look at all case and does not have to intervene. Most requests are finalised by the Department in accordance with the Minister’s guidelines. Only a small number of requests are referred to the Minister.
If your request is unsuccessful and applicant has no ongoing immigration matters, the he/she is expected to leave Australia as soon as possible.
We also lodged application for Ministerial Intervention if we think the case is strong candidate of Ministerial Intervention.