No Further Stay

In certain visa grant, a condition of No Further Stay (8503) is imposed. In some visa application this is mandatory condition which must be impose on the visa and in some visa application it is on the discretion of the case officer.
The imposition of wide spread used of 8503 is not recommended by Australian immigration department, however if visa officer has some sort of residual concern about the claim made in the visa application, he/she instead of refusing the visa, may impose this condition.

The practical impact of this visa condition is that, visa applicant is not eligible to apply any substantive visa except very limited visa including protection visa.

The no further condition may be waived by the visa officer if visa applicant circumstances changes and beyond his/her control. If waiver is granted than visa applicant may apply and granted another visa if he/she is qualify for that visa.

We also assist interested applicant in preparing and lodging the Waiver of No Further Stay condition on applicant behalf.