Terms & Conditions

Applicable Conditions

Australian Immigration & Education Network provides its professional consultancy services subject to following terms and condition. Clients are advice to read it clarify and in case of any ambiguity contact us before hiring/signing the services of Australian Immigration & Education Network.
  • Please note that applying for an Australian/New Zealand visa even some of the most carefully compiled applications can be rejected if visa processing office is not satisfied. With profound knowledge of Australian and New Zealand migration law, regulation, policies and constant awareness of legislative amendments, we lodge decision ready application to the visa office in order to avoid any potential delay in processing the visa application. We make sure that visa application is lodged to the best possible standard in order to have decision in favour of visa applicant.
  • Migration agent practicing in Australia must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Similarly Licensed Adviser practicing in New Zealand must be registered with Immigration Advisers Authority New Zealand. To be registered, an agent must be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of migration policy and procedure. An agent must practice in accordance with a relevant Code of Conduct, which is endorsed by the relevant Government and has been incorporated into migration laws. Visa applicant are, of course, free to hire the services of migration agent/ Licensed Adviser at his/her own, however, choosing a registered migration agent/Licensed Adviser ensure that visa application is handled in best professional way. We follow Code of Conduct when deals a visa application. Being a registered migration agent/Licensed Adviser, we do our work at professional standard and ensure that client interest is achieved in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  • The visa application charges/fees given under different visa category in this website is subject to change and the applicant must contact either US or the Australian/New Zealand immigration department for exact amount of visa application fees before lodging visa application. The immigration department normally revises visa application fees at the beginning of each financial year, i.e. 1st July each year.
  • The Australian immigration & Education Network charge different consultation fees on different visa category. The professional/consultation fee is determined by the nature and complexity of the visa application. Please contact the Australian Immigration & Education Network about consultation charges. . All fees/costs are inclusive of GST. Any charges or fees relating to document printing, copying, preparation, attestation, translation, interpretation, courier or postage, medical examination, police clearance, English testing (IELTS) or any other cost incidental to the immigration process is a matter between the applicant and the service provider.
  • By commencing as a client of Australian Immigration & Education Network, client undertakes to provide all information, materials and relevant document in support of the visa application as and when it is due during the process of visa application. The client also make sure that any statement whether verbal or written, any documents to support visa application and any other form of communication to Visa Office, Tribunal, Skill Assessing Authorities, State/Territory department, Australian/New Zealand High Commission or any other relevant department/agency/organization etc. are not fake, misleading, bogus or tempered. The client will respond to requests from the Consultant, Visa Office and other relevant authorized bodies in a timely and efficient manner to enables us to process the visa application as quickly as possible. It is very important that a client is contactable throughout the visa application process as we may require contacting him/her during the processing of visa application. In case of change of circumstances, client must advise us as soon as possible.
  • In the event of the agreement being terminated in accordance with the Client Agreement, the Migration Agent will be entitled to be paid all proper disbursements and out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the client as well as a pro-rata proportion of the agreed professional fees based on the time devoted to the case up to the time of termination.
  • Australian Immigration & Education Network can offer no guarantees regarding the outcome of visa/assessment/sponsorship application, as the final decision on the visa is made by the relevant visa officer and/or other competent officer of Immigration and/or other relevant department. However, we promise to do our best to obtain the desire outcome and endeavour to achieve in minimum possible time.

These Terms & Conditions and other information are for guidance only. Australian Immigration & Education Network does not guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of information given in the websites and is not in any way responsible for the content of the website. For latest and current information on visa application and related procedure, applicant must contact us or Australian/New Zealand immigration department. The Australian Immigration & Education Network may vary the terms & condition at any time and the terms & condition so varied will be prevailed.