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I run my own business in Iraq and I wanted to visit my relative in Australia. I contacted local agents in Iraq and I found that everyone was keen to take my case and was almost sure about visa grant. I discuss it with relative in Australia and I was told that visit visa can only be granted if visa officer is satisfied about my intention to visit to Australia and at present it is difficult to get visit visa because of socio economic and other law and order situation in Iraq.
My relative advised me to hire the services of Qazi for my visit visa application. After consultation with my relative in Australia, I took the service of Qazi of Australian Immigration & Education Network and provided the required documents. Qazi has made its very clear in his first talk that he cannot guaranteed the success of visa application and he will try his best to present his case before visa officer so that he could convinced him. I received my visa grant letter within one month for this I am very thankful to Qazi.


Fateh Ali Omar, Iraq

Visit Visa

I thanked to Qazi for his representation of my employer nomination PR visa application. Before applying employer nomination PR visa I was working in trade occupation for the last 7/8 years. I told Qazi about my qualification, experience and circumstances. After reviewing all my documents and contacting my employer, AIEN has lodged visa application. I was wonder if I can include my family members in this visa application while they were in Pakistan. Migration agent Qazi of Australian Immigration & Education Network assured me that my family members can be included in this visa application and at the time of visa application we made a combine application with my family members.

I received my visa grant letter in around five month time and application process went smoothly as I was told. Mr. Qazi kept me informed about the progress of the visa application as and when there is any update.

I thanks to Qazi for his support throughout the visa process.


Qadeer Ahmed, Pakistan

Employee Nomination Visa (186)

Toward the completion of my trade qualification, I was thinking and discussing about my next step. I was wonder if I had to apply another student visa to further strengthen my trade qualification. I was also working part time in my trade. There was lot of recommendation from fellow friend that I should go for 457 visa option if my employer ready to sponsor. I spoke to my employer and he was ready to sponsor me. The next and major step was to apply for 457 visa including business approval and nomination. I read the immigration website information and I came to the conclusion that there is lot of complex paper work which is needed to start this process.

After careful thinking and discussion with my friends, I contacted Mr. Qazi Nadeem of Australian Immigration & Education Network and told about my qualification, experience and circumstances. Mr. Qazi also contacted my employer and asked some relevant question which he need to be satisfied before representing me. I was much relieved after contacting Mr. Qazi as I found him very competent in his job. After assessing me and my employer, Mr. Qazi prepare and lodged business approval, nomination and visa application simultaneously because of my particular circumstances.

I remained curious during entire 457 visa process and sometime I worried about what would happen and contact Mr. Qazi regarding progress of my visa application. I found him very positive and he kept me informed as and when there is any progress in my application. We received our visa within standard time as our decision-ready visa application made the process quicker than we have expected. It was really worth the money.

I would strongly recommend Australian Immigration & Education Network to anyone in need of immigration advice, having full faith and confidence in Mr. Qazi extreme professionalism. Unlike some of the other migration agents I had met, Qazi had a deep understanding of migration laws. He has the ability to thoroughly study the case and then create a road map and plan to assist his client in very ethical manners. I am very grateful to him for his help and support throughout this process.


Maulik Patel, India

457 Visa Client

I am very lucky that I got chance to process my file through Australian Immigration & Education Network. I was very confused and desperate when I came to know from my fellow class mate who has applied extension of their student visa that that there is too many refusal these days.
AIEN has rightly guided me and prepare and lodged my student visa application. During visa process AIEN also gave me extra favour and deal with education provider on my behalf who has issued concurrent CoE. I found AIEN very professional, efficient and trustworthy in their dealing. They kept me informed about the progress of my visa application as and when there is an update. They have filled all the form necessary to support my visa application themselves and I just gave information. Whenever I have something to ask, I found AIEN stand next to me. My visa application has been approved and I am satisfied with the services of the AIEN and recommend if anyone need it.



Harmanjeet Kaur, India

Student Visa

I have received my PR couple of month back and I would like to take this opportunity to thank to Australian Immigration & Education Network. AIEN represented in every step toward my PR right from Skill Assessment, State Sponsorship and then visa application.

I appreciate Mr. Qazi of AIEN that he responded to my queries quickly and kept me informed the progress of my application as and when there is any update.

I once again thank the AIEN for their cooperation.

Thanks & Regards


Muhammad Jawwad Baig, Pakistan

Skilled Migration Client

Mr. Qazi Nadeem,

I am very grateful to AIEN for preparing, representing and lodging partner visa applicant on my partner behalf. Upon signing the contract we have been provided document check list in order to lodged visa application. AIEN have kept us informed about progress of visa application and they also responded our quarries promptly. Whenever there was no response from Immigration, they contacted and asked for update. Furthermore, I never faced any sort of delays from their end in the entire process of my visa application. In my opinion, their work is excellent and phenomenal and I really acknowledge the efforts of AIEN.

Thank & Regards


Mr. and Mrs. Mohamed Noor, Iraq

Partner Visa

Australian Immigration & Education Network had helped my brother in getting State sponsored permanent visa few year ago. My brother was satisfied the services and expertise of AIEN.

My qualification and experience was not specifically relevant to listed occupation mentioned in SOL/CSOL. I was disparate and contacted AIEN and let them know about my situation. They chose occupation in accordance of my skill and qualification and guided me about documentation and visa application process. They helped me at each step like skill assessment, state sponsorship to visa application stage.

I promptly acted the advised I got from AIEN and it took around 4 months to get subclass 190 visa. In the beginning I was thinking how would it work because I was in Pakistan and AIEN is in Australia. I realized that distance is not a matter, I have sent all my documents and informations by email and I never visited or met AIEN agent except on phone.

This is also amazing that AIEN can be contacted on WhatsApp, Viber, Tango, imi and Skype etc. and thus no need to spend money on overseas call.



Syed Sharif Uddin & Family, Pakistan

Skilled Migration Client

My fiance and I consulted Australian Immigration & Education Network for fiancé visa and after having conversation with my fiancé in Australia, AIEN prepared and lodged visa application. AIEN has provided me complete check list of document to support my visa application. Immigration department has not asked me again to provide any further document because AIEN lodged a decision ready application.

They filled in every form for us and gave us really clear instructions on what we were to find out or do.
They treat me as a best friend and are always there at the end of the phone if I need them. It is amazing that I never met my agent in person and there was no need to do it, as we have been in contact by email, phone or viber / WhatsApp etc.

We would totally recommend to hire the the services of this company in case anyone need it.


Manipal Singh, India

Prospective Partner Visa

My mother visit visa refused twice by immigration department and I was not happy and not sure how can I satisfies immigration department that my mother is a genuine visitor and she will go back after spending sometime here with my family.

I contacted Mr. Qazi of AIEN and he lodged appeal to MRT on our behalf and we won the appeal in around three month time. I am quite satisfied with AIEN and the way our case were presented to MRT.



Imran Ashiq Rana, Pakistan


AIEN has been my representative through my skill migration process. At first I sought its services for Graduate Skill visa (TR) and within stipulated time visa has been granted to me and my family members. I was satisfied the way I was dealt with in each step of my visa process. I therefore, asked AIEN to get my skill assessed by the assessing authority and then lodge subclass 189 visa application. Everything went smoothly as I was told and guided and within three month I received Visa grant notification.

I thanked for the quality services and efforts of AIEN.


Harmanjeet Kaur, India

Skilled Migration Client