State / Territory

If applicant does not qualify for independent visa then he/she may apply and be granted State/Territory sponsorship if the requirement of relevant State/Territory are met. Certain Skill and business visa requires the applicant to be sponsored by the relevant State/territory before an invitation to lodge visa application is issued from Australian immigration department.

In case of GSM visa, if an applicant wants to apply for State/Territory sponsorship, he must have positive/suitable skill assessment of his/her nominated occupation in order to apply state/territory sponsorship. The occupation that each State/Territory nominates for sponsorship depends upon the demand of that occupation in the respective state/territory.

The processing time of state sponsorship application vary according to number of application and/or occupation. Most States/territory endeavors to finalize sponsorship application in 8 week time from the date of sponsorship application.

Different state/territory charges different fees for sponsorship application. However, few states process sponsorship application free of cost.

We also assist interested applicant in preparing, lodging the state sponsorship application on applicant behalf.